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Washington Diamond offers Ideal GIA certified diamonds, platinum diamond engagement rings set exclusively with the highest quality GIA certified diamonds, exceptional diamond wedding bands, custom wedding rings, and unique find jewelry
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Why Insist on GIA

Case Study: EGL vs GIA Certification on Same Diamond

Results on the SAME Diamond
Lab GIA (Recommended) EGL
Weight 1.05 Carats 1.05 Carats
Color I Color G Color (2 Grades higher)
Clarity VS2 Clarity VS2 Clarity

Challenge: Determine Differences Between EGL and GIA Certifications

We have always believed that diamonds graded by EGL are not as well respected for accuracy as GIA graded stones, and we know that they often sell at substantial discounts. To test this assertion, we purchased a diamond and then the diamond was sent to GIA and EGL for their certification.

Results: EGL Certification Inflated Diamond Grade

After receiving grading reports from both EGL and GIA, the results confirmed that EGL report showed considerable variation of the diamond grades in multiple categories. A significant difference in grading was the color grade. GIA graded it as ‘I’ color, two grades lower than the EGL which graded the color as 'G.’ This has a dramatic affect on value.

The EGL ‘G’ color diamond was being presented to consumers under the pretense that it was the same quality as a GIA certified ‘G’ color, which in reality, was a GIA ‘I’ color. The GIA ‘I’ color could have been purchased for an even lower price than the EGL ‘G’ color.

Ultimately, the EGL certification was misleading, and inaccurate, and could cause considerable value loss to a potential buyer.

Our Response: Avoid EGL Graded Diamonds!

This example is exactly why we insist on only stocking diamonds with GIA Grading Report in our store. We have seen hundreds, and hundreds of similar differences between these two labs where we conclude the GIA is a far better choice for the consumer choose.

GIA Diamond Certificate:

GIA Certification Sample

EGL Diamond Certificate:

EGL Certification Sample

GIA: The World’s Foremost Authority in Gemology™
GIA Diamond Grading Fee Schedule 07/2010