Diamond Price Calculator

Calculate the High Wholesale value before you buy or sell A Diamond

This calculator works as a guideline of value for most diamonds. It is not an indication of our purchase or sale price. We are very competitive in our valuations, but many factors go into pricing specific diamonds. This original Diamond Price Calculator™️ has been relied upon by millions across the world since 2005. *See note below.

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Know What to Expect Before Buying Or Selling A Diamond

Sometimes you need a few tools to set your expectations before you set foot into a store. We invite you to use our Diamond Price Calculator, it's an excellent tool to approximate the high wholesale price or value of a loose diamond in US dollars.. We don't think you want a complex price chart, just an easy way to get a price or value.

Knowing more is never a bad thing. At Washington Diamond, we value your educational experience greatly. Our friendly diamond experts are trained to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Whether you are buying or selling, our goal is to provide you with expert care and guidance. Please use our Diamond Value Calculator as a first step before buying or selling.

* Many diamond scams exist internationally. Seek expert help before buying into a deal you're suspecting is too good to be true.  We do not calculate or give advice outside the US, if the diamond is over 5 carats, or if it is not graded by GIA.   - Commercial solicitations will go unanswered -