Jewelry Restorations

Jewelry Restorations

Jewelry Restorations

You’ll love what we do for you

Any time we buy something new, we make a promise to ourselves to be as careful as possible so that it keeps its right-out-of-the-box sheen forever. However, we know accidents happen, time causes wear and tear, plus what about those family heirlooms and estate pieces that have been around for generations? Washington Diamond has you covered. We have a team of fine and talented in-house craftspeople at our Falls Church, Virginia location who are trained in a variety of restoration techniques so you can be assured that all of your beloved pieces, old and new, will be treated with the precision and care they deserve. 

Even if you are certain that your great grandmother's wedding ring is beyond repair and you're planning to use the stones to create a whole new ring, please bring it over to the experts at Washington Diamond first. We will give you a full evaluation and employ all of the expertise and creativity needed to transform her exact ring into a wearable condition once again. 

Below are just some of the high-quality techniques and tools we use to restore your jewelry.

  • Professional Advice Prior To Commencing Work

  • Clearly Quoted Estimates - No Negative Surprises

  • Clean and Repair Surface Damage

  • Correct Incomplete/Poorly Crafted Repairs

  • Hand Engraving (restore existing or add new)

  • Heirloom Refurbishment

  • Laser Welding and Build Up

  • Polish or Re-cut Existing Stones

  • Rebuild Weakening Integrity of Piece

  • Replace Missing or Damaged Stones

  • Replicate a Missing Earring to Complete the Pair

  • Shank or Ring Recreation / Tightening

  • Redesign Consultations

  • Duplicate A Precious Heirloom

  • Diamond Repair & Recutting

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At Washington Diamond, we pride ourselves on being your trusted jeweler, so we take the time to treat your treasures as if they were our own. If you care about something, we care about it too! Please click below or call to learn more and/or to make an appointment for our professional jewelry restoration today.