Remembering Robert Daube

April 2016

With great sadness, on behalf of my brother Richard and everyone at Washington Diamond, I’m announcing the passing of our brother and founder, Robert O. Daube.

Robert started our company on his motorcycle. It was 1969 and he rode from Bethesda to Georgetown to Falls Church and beyond buying and selling estate jewelry and diamonds. There might be a song about that. If there isn’t, there should be.

We never really operated as a traditional jewelry store because of his passion to make our business very special.  He loved making fair deals and he always put his customers first.  He made sure everyone on our staff became fine jewelry experts, and he taught us all to listen to our customers.  

Over and over he said that if we took care of our customers through great service we would be successful.  Thanks to him and all of you, we have.

Many jewelers in the area worked with Robert. Over the years they’ve told me how much they valued his friendship and his guidance as they began their careers.

Though Robert retired in 2000, what he taught us makes it seem like he never truly left -- he is part of who we are as a family business.

My brother wouldn’t have wanted us to mourn, but to celebrate the wonderful times we’ve had as family and with all our customers.  We’re happy to honor his memory by continuing to live the values he taught us.

Kind regards,

Tom Daube

Remembering Robert Daube