25 years of marriage and a third great encounter with...

25 years of marriage and a third great encounter with Washington Diamond!  Twenty-five years ago, we purchased  "THE" engagement ring.  Twenty years ago, we did an upgrade.  This year, to celebrate our 25th, we went back again.   Here is what we love about Washington Diamond (and why we're still going back after 25 years): 1.  Complete honesty.  You know exactly what you're getting. They know the diamond industry inside out and are full of interesting information -- if you're curious about anything, just ask.   2.  Fair prices.  I've checked and checked.  You get great value for your money.  And they stick to their estimates...no nickel and dime increases.  3.  Fun to work with and no judgment.  This time we worked with Tom (worked with Rob before).   It's a lot of fun to talk about what YOU want -- in terms of size, sparkle, shape and price.  They supply facts -- they make suggestions -- they let you look at as many stones as you want -- they get more stones if they don't have what you think you want -- they're patient -- they're entertaining -- they don't judge trade offs you might want to make (e.g. size vs. color, gold vs. platinum). 4.  NO pressure.  They don't try to upsell you. They don't try to rush you into a decision. They work really hard to make you happy within your budget and are very happy to spend time showing you all the alternatives (What if I spent another $1000?  What if I went down a little in color and clarity?  What if?  What if?) 5.  Beautiful results!  We've been completely delighted with each of our 3 encounters with Washington Diamond. 

Description of work:

25th Anniversary Engagement Ring Re-do.