Do we recommend Washington Diamond? As highly as we can.

Do we recommend Washington Diamond? As highly as we can. The way Tom Daube runs things at Washington Diamond is a picture of the way I would want to run a business. Customer service and quality is the name of the game. We were able to develop a relationship with Tom who worked with us directly on our ring. He is relatable and has a genuine way of interacting with you. It feels more like he is your friend and not just a business owner. You get to know him as a person as he gets to know you and you feel comfortable communicating with all of your concerns and desires. You have his full attention for the entire hour you are there at each appointment and he really cares about finding what you want and getting it done, and getting it done the best way possible. Yet he also has a casual candor that facilitates knowing each other on a real, human level and helps you get the best product even if something you want might not work. After shopping around at a number of jewelers, we felt completely confident that his place stood out. We had him create a custom ring I drew. He seemed like he took a real interest in my work and wanted to get it exactly right with painstaking accuracy. He was really careful to talk through all the details and feasibility of each flourish (making sure it captures what you want but also ensures the structural integrity for a long-lasting product). He wanted to make sure the final product was up to his high standards. He even adjusted his standard workflow to what he thought would get the final result right, even incurring additional costs doing so. That was really impressive to me. He was able to work through the challenges of bringing our design to a final product in a way that created a positive relationship of respect between us. We were really happy with the ring we bought. I admire it daily and we’ll continue to go back to him. We felt motivated to do our best by him as he did his best by us. He was always gracious and professional at every turn. I ended up sending a coworker there to get their custom engagement right made, and they were pleased too. I was and am happy to support Tom’s business. I am grateful we had him.

-Kaylie Clark