What She Will Already Know

What Matters to Her

Every bride has different priorities, that is why it is important for you to work with a diamond expert who can help you find the right fit for her. Is she an avid hiker who enjoys spending time camping? Her ring style should fit that taste and lifestyle. Does her work involve sitting at a computer all day? Does she have any hobbies that might interfere with her wearing her ring? Does she value a bigger-is-better mentality or is she more concerned with quality? Trust a diamond expert to help you find the right mix of diamond and setting options to get her the ring of her dreams.


The Right Fit

You might be surprised to learn that most women we have worked with have shared with us that they were not as focused on the perfect setting as they were the perfect fit for their lifestyle. While your bride-to-be may have saved pictures on Pinterest of rings she adores, she might actually prefer to be surprised with something unique and special that you have picked out with help from a diamond expert.

Pictures can be deceiving and while she may love the sparkle of a halo setting in the picture, she might fall for something different when she sees it. If you’re ring shopping with your significant other, it’s a good idea to try different options on so she can get an idea of if it fits into her taste and lifestyle or not. Choosing should not feel burdensome or pressured - it should be joyful and exciting. Make sure you are going to a jeweler who can give her the attention and care you both deserve