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Washington D.C. Jeweler
Trusted Since 1969

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Our History

A Motorcycle, Some Diamonds, And A Dream

Embark on a captivating journey with Washington Diamond, where a man's motorcycle, diamonds, and a dream ignited. In 1969, during the days of Easy Rider with the strains of Born to Be Wild on the radio, Robert O. Daube began our story with a unique idea to share his love of diamonds, quality jewelry, and the nontraditional. Spinning off from his father’s antique treasury, he roared throughout the greater Washington DC area on his motorcycle from Bethesda to Georgetown to Falls Church, as a diamond dealer and jewelry expert.

As he sought estate jewelry and traded diamonds, Robert crafted a cherished asset that still defines us today: an impeccable reputation for unparalleled service, the finest gems, and outstanding reliability. Join us in celebrating our legacy of extraordinary customer care, remarkable craftsmanship, and a passion for exceeding expectations.

Built upon a foundation of integrity, Daube's Jewelry evolved into a family business when Robert's brother Richard joined in 1974. However, it was in 1981, with the addition of Tom, the youngest Daube brother, that deeper roots formed. Together, they crafted a simple yet powerful mantra: Take exceptional care of each customer, be a contribution to their happiness, and be fair.

Recognized for their contributions to the industry, Robert and Tom were invited to join the esteemed New York Diamond Dealers Club as the business continued to evolve. With a reputation for exceptional work with customers as well as with the best of jewelers in the Washington DC area, and nationwide, the brothers again expanded their reach and rebranded as Washington Diamond.

We’ve never operated like every – or any - other jewelry store. We've created a unique environment that fosters passion and provides an extraordinary experience for everyone we meet. Every member of our staff becomes a fine jewelry expert. Through Tom's leadership, we understand the value of knowledge, effective communication, and, above all, listening.

Exceptional Diamonds

Discover the artistry behind a quality diamond, where nature meets craftsmanship. At our Washington DC area jewelry store in Falls Church, VA, we celebrate the captivating allure of diamonds, ensuring an exceptional buying journey. Our curated collection exclusively features natural ethically-sourced GIA certified diamonds, a testament to their consistent and reliable grading by the renowned GIA laboratory.

We proudly endorse skilled diamond cutters, offering a true diamond education for our customers. We believe that the more you understand diamonds and their quality, the smoother your jewelry-buying journey becomes. With us, diamonds are no longer intimidating; we empower our valued customers with in-depth knowledge to make informed choices.

Experience personalized service tailored to your budget, needs, and timeframe. This is where the true magic of the diamond-buying experience shines. Take your time at our store, sit down with our friendly experts, and relish in the process of finding the perfect diamond or jewelry piece. Unleash the brilliance of your diamond journey with us.

Outstanding Service

At Washington Diamond, we cherish our customers like family. Our dedicated team follows a simple principle: providing exceptional care, contributing to their happiness, and ensuring fairness. In a world where genuine connections are rare, we value the art of building authentic relationships. We want our customers to feel like they are part of the Washington Diamond family.

Jewelry holds profound emotional significance. It accompanies us during life's most treasured moments, from engagements to anniversaries, birthdays to heirlooms. We deeply understand the importance and intimacy of these events, and we consider it a privilege to be a part of them. Trust us to honor your milestones with the utmost care and dedication.

A Memorable Experience

Explore enchanting natural ethically-sourced GIA certified diamonds and exquisite jewelry at our exclusive Washington Diamond store in the Washington DC area. By appointment only, we offer a private and personalized experience, ensuring utmost privacy and undivided attention. With our thoughtful service, exceptional care, and unbeatable value, every visit promises a satisfying and delightful consultation. Build a special relationship that spans a lifetime of diamond and jewel-worthy milestones and successes. Schedule your appointment today for an intimate and unforgettable experience.

Get To Know Us

Throughout the years, our commitment to customers and the joy we share with them remains steadfast. Our studio exudes warmth and intimacy, ensuring that each person feels truly special and valued. Just like diamonds, our relationships with customers endure, celebrating their most cherished milestones with everlasting brilliance. Join us in creating unforgettable memories that shine bright for a lifetime. Explore our exquisite collection of quality diamonds, precious gems, and fine jewelry. Plan your visit today - schedule an appointment online or call our store at 703-536-3600 during our store hours. We look forward to working with you!

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