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Exceptional Diamond Collection

Washington Diamond® Brand Loose Diamonds

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Your personal view of beauty may take many shapes, and when it comes to diamonds, you should expect beauty in the most refined and elegant of forms. We invite you to behold the beauty of our striking collection of hand-selected loose diamonds.

Remarkable And Simply Exquisite

Our strict criteria and high standards of excellence ensure that each and every diamond in the Washington Diamond® Brand Loose Diamond Collection is exceptionally beautiful, rare, and elegant.

These diamonds are natural and non-treated. They have a natural and remarkable radiance that sets them apart for the vast majority of diamonds that you will see in retail stores.

You deserve the best. That’s why we created the Washington Diamond brand loose diamond collection.

We’re here to help you celebrate and match your own brilliance with beautiful hand-selected exceptional quality diamonds to fit your personal taste, style, and budget.

Please plan a visit to our Washington DC-area studio to view a selection of loose diamonds in person. One of our resident diamond experts will guide you through a private observation of impeccable quality diamonds under magnification and in neutral settings for proper viewing.


GIA Triple Excellent Cuts* (*True for round brilliant-cut diamonds, but may vary for some fancy-cut diamonds in this collection.)

• Handpicked by Our Experts for Your Pride and Joy

• Superior Color, Clarity, and Proportions

• Includes independent GIA Certification

Tips For Buying Your Diamond