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Custom Engagement Rings

It's The Perfect Ring

Starting with your diamond, and through every divine detail, you get to create a unique and exquisite expression of your love. Visit the Washington Diamond DC studio and you will see your custom enagement ring vision come to life. Our diamond experts are here to give you the experience of a lifetime, complete with exceptional service and masterful artistry.

Let’s start designing your custom engagement ring in Washington DC today.


Using your ideas, drawings, and images, our team will create a custom concept.


Our team can then create a wax model or visual rendering of the design.


The custom engagement ring is crafted and is your design realized.

Design A Custom Engagement Ring

Creating a custom engagement ring can be the beginning of your dream come true. You or your partner may have a vision of the perfect engagement ring. The one that sets the stage for the beginning of a new life together. You don’t have to constrain the dream based on engagement selections at your local jeweler or big box retail store.

At Washington Diamond, your jeweler is also your design collaborator and co-creator. It’s your dream and your ring, so we design and construct it your way. Working closely with our designers and expert jewelers, you select the elements that you like and desire, as you build your unique custom ring. It’s always your choice: from the diamond to the number of stones, from the setting to the size.

Our consultations and design sessions guide you through the process and artistically develop every aspect of your unique and perfect engagement ring.

The Perfect Diamond

There is a perfect diamond, just for you. It fits you and your dream for a custom engagement ring in every way. Knowing what you really want and prioritizing your wish list is important, even before you begin the design process. We’ll use this as a guide to create the ring design. Diamonds typically are unique stones with essential key components that distinguish them. We discuss cut, color, clarity, and carat because each attribute affects the diamond that you see. And with our Washington Diamond selections, we promise there is no wrong choice! Smaller diamonds of higher quality will brilliantly reflect a bright rainbow of colors. Larger diamonds are stunning, especially from a distance, but may not have the clarity and color you most desire, even though they have a higher carat weight. We take the time and care to help you find the precise balance between quality and size that works with your budget and your priorities.

The Setting Style

Of course, it’s an incredible experience to choose your diamond, but in designing a custom engagement ring, the magic starts with setting style. From solitaire rings to split shank bands, from bezel style to halo settings, your choice can take a round brilliant diamond and transform it into an artistic masterpiece. Whether you desire a band that is filigree, pave, channel, or flat, the ring and the diamond match and work together. When you create your custom engagement ring in our Washington Diamond DC studio, design professionals help you make the best, most informed choices that marry the two together.

The Gemstone Options

Creating a gemstone ring set with precious or semi-precious stone brings another unique and beautiful quality to your custom engagement ring. It’s important to consider a gemstone that will make you and your intended comfortable and happy to wear forever, every day. Sapphires make an exquisite choice and are available in blue, pink, yellow, and white (or colorless). Its peachy-pink shade also makes Morganite a desirable and popular choice for engagement rings. A custom engagement ring offers more options and choices. Selecting a sapphire or other precious gemstone for your ring is a distinct statement of style and personality. Let’s talk more about your preferences and options.

Commonly Asked Questions: Custom Engagement Ring

If you’re looking to design a custom engagement ring in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area, our on-site jewelry experts and master goldsmiths are ready to bring your dream engagement ring design to life through inspiration and determination. We will craft something that showcases your love perfectly. Here are a few commonly asked question about custom engagement rings:

The best metals depend on your fiancée’s style. Ask yourself which metal and color would reflect her beauty and elegance the most. Rose gold and yellow gold are great choices if your fiancée loves warmer colors. But if she usually wears many different jewelry pieces, it would be better to choose mixed metals to compliment them all. Otherwise, white gold or platinum are always popular choices.

If your fiancé wants to branch apart from the classic diamond, there are options. A deep sapphire can be a stunning choice, or in contrast, a light blue aquamarine. Paired well with rose gold, morganite is a beautiful blush-toned pink. Gemstone options are endless, so it all depends on you or your fiancé’s style.

A custom engagement ring offers something extra to your future bride. It expresses the uniqueness of the love that you two share and how it cannot be duplicated by anyone or anything else. You’ll have complete control over the design, metal type, size and gemstones of the ring. Our experienced jewelry designers will work with you to create the perfect engagement ring that your bride will cherish forever. Does she like diamonds or sapphires? Would she prefer white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, silver or platinum metal? There are so many options available when you hire our team to create your beautiful custom engagement ring.

Have Questions?

Creating a custom engagement ring is a big decision, and we want you to feel comfortable. We’re here to answer any questions you might have!