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Private Engagement Ring Consultation

It's A Simple Process

Here's how it works:

1. Sharing Knowledge 
Each diamond is completely unique, like a snowflake or a fingerprint. So, it’s important to first have a baseline of information and understanding (through a brief tutorial) before we venture into what you may want.

2. Getting to Know You
Next, we get to know you and ask about you as a couple. We listen carefully so we can weave your love story, personality, and unique bond into the design of your ring.  You get to talk and share as much or as briefly as you prefer. Take a few minutes or chat for an hour, it’s entirely up to you.

3. Telling Your Story
Here’s where the magic happens. In this step, we provide ideas and suggest what your ring can look like. We present to you our GIA-certified diamonds. These are the exquisite choices that meet our exacting, high standards of excellence, quality, and value as well as your budget.

Then, we artfully craft the ring that makes your vision into reality.

An Unmatched Experience

It’s your love story and one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you’ll have in a lifetime. That’s why we take your engagement ring to heart. At Washington Diamond, an engagement ring illustrates your love, and the design details often tell your story. We take the time to know your vision and help you create the ring to match your dream. It could be a band of intertwining metals, or a special number of accent stones around a center diamond. It could be a story to tell the world or a private, intimate message for just the two of you.

Whatever the story or the vision, our diamond jewelry experts are dedicated to offering the ring that means forever. We mean the ring that is stunning and fits your style. The piece that brings pleasure and admiration every day.  The ring is constructed so beautifully and so well that it may even be passed down through generations.

To do this, Washington Diamond has created a special process to work with you, We keep it easy and enjoyable. There is never any pressure.

We’re committed to providing you with ultimate satisfaction and an unmatched experience.

Washington Diamond Is Different Than Other DC Area Jewelers

Washington Diamond is not the typical jewelry retail business. We believe that each and every customer is unique and deserves the best. That’s why we’ve created a special environment and an individualized approach.

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is a special moment in time. It’s personal and private. So, we keep it that way. In our unique by-appointment studio, you have our complete attention, without interruption.

We respect your time and your budget. Our diamond experts arrange appointments at your convenience, and you set the pace. We listen closely and when we present our GIA rated diamonds, you will find striking beauty, with exceptional quality and value. It’s our pleasure and our commitment to help you find the perfect diamond to match your requirements

Engagement Ring Appointment: Frequently Asked Questions

The size of your budget is never an issue at Washington Diamond. Just keep in mind that it’s best to have an idea of what you would like to spend. Knowing your budget helps us show you the best diamonds and designs to align with your needs. We also offer financing options with approved credit.

We love when you share your story because it sparks our creativity as we design special elements for your ring. Sometimes special features have meanings that you prefer to keep between you and your bride, so rest assured your secrets are safe with us. That’s a promise. But if you are still uncomfortable sharing with us confidentially, no worries! This is your time and we want you to enjoy the experience in our studio, relaxed, comfortable, and at home.

Yes! For us it’s simple: if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We provide extraordinary customer service because you deserve it.

How special to include parts of a sentimental item! We’re happy to incorporate a cherished treasure in your new design.

We’re always ready with a yes. Just schedule your appointment as quickly as possible, and we’ll focus on what we can provide to meet your timeline.

Possibly! We’ll want to know as much about your current diamond as possible and we will let you know if yours is qualified for our diamond trade-up.

Certainly! Couples sometimes choose to make this very important purchase together. We’re known to find discrete ways to figure out details and preferences like style, shape, and metal without ruining the surprise of your romantic proposal.

Need to know more? Contact us at (703)536-3600 or info@washingtondiamond.com and a jewelry expert will reach out to you during our business hours!