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Jewelry Repair & Restoration Services

For over 50 years, Washington Diamond has been the premier destination for top-notch jewelry repair and restoration services in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Trust our expert jewelers to breathe new life into your cherished pieces with our exceptional in-store goldsmith's craftsmanship. Rediscover the brilliance and joy of your adorned jewelry at Washington Diamond.

Jewelry Repair Services

Discover Brilliance with Expert Care

Our top priority is ensuring your pieces retain their exquisite allure. As trusted experts in jewelry repair, we address concerns like loss of luster, scratches, dents, and more. Serving Washington, DC residents and beyond, our highly skilled goldsmiths provide unparalleled in-house repair services. With meticulous attention and precision, our jewelry repair experts inspect each piece, providing a detailed written quote before proceeding. Rest assured, your treasured jewelry is handled with utmost care in our state-of-the-art repair shop located in Falls Church, VA.

Whether you purchased your jewelry from us or elsewhere, our dedicated team is ready to provide tailored solutions to your repair needs. Entrust your beloved pieces to Washington Diamond, where brilliance and craftsmanship unite.

NOTICE: Sterling Silver Jewelry Repair Services Unavailable

Please be informed that Washington Diamonds does not provide service or repairs for sterling silver jewelry, as we do not carry the necessary materials or appliances for this metal type. For further information or inquiries, kindly contact our store at (703)536-3600.

Expert Jewelry Repairs Include:

• Jewelry cleaning and polishing
• Diamond and Gemstone Resetting 
• Diamond and Gemstone Replacement
• Stone Tightening
• Ring Rerounding
• Ring Sizing
• Rhodium Plating
• Prong Repair and Re-tipping
• Ring Shank Replacement
• Chain Shortening or Lengthening
• Clasp Replacement
• Soldering
• Pearl Restringing
• General Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Restoration Services

Revive, Restore, and Cherish

At Washington Diamond, we restore life to cherished family heirlooms and beloved estate jewelry, no matter their age or condition. Our skilled jewelers use meticulous craftsmanship and a range of restoration techniques to preserve sentimental value, providing transparency with detailed estimates and professional advice. With utmost care and attention to detail, we aim to surpass expectations, transforming your jewelry into radiant symbols of memories and love. Experience the remarkable transformation as our experts guide you through the journey of restoration, trusting us to bring back timeless allure to your precious pieces.

High-Quality Jewelry Restorations Include:

• Clean and Repair Surface Damage
• Jewelry Heirloom Refurbishment
• Polish or Re-cut Existing Stones
• Strengthen the Integrity of the item
• Replace Missing or Damaged Stones
• Replicate a Missing Earring to Complete the Pair
• Hand Engraving (restore existing or add new)
• Correct Incomplete/Poorly Crafted Repairs
• Laser Welding and Build Up
• Shank or Ring Replacement 
• Tightening 
• Redesign Consultations
• Duplicate A Precious Heirloom 
• Diamond Repair & Recutting

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Allow Washington Diamond's repair and restoration professionals handle your exceptional diamonds and fine jewelry with impeccable care for extraordinary results.