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Diamond Upgrades

Upgrade or Trade-In Your Fine Diamonds

Diamonds are forever, but we all know that personal style and taste can change at any time. So, when you are looking for a higher quality, larger diamond, or a different shape diamond, our expert diamond and fine jewelry professionals are happy to guide you.

You can’t go wrong when you trade your diamond for a new one at Washington Diamond! We’ll show you a selection of brilliant diamonds and help you find the beautiful stone you like.

It all starts with a brief introductory call. We work together one-on-one to discuss the possibility of creating a trade for you.

And Just Like That, Your Diamond Studs Are Bigger And Better

Experience the enchantment of working with our amiable and well-informed diamond specialists to exchange your diamond studs for a stunning new pair. It's not a sleight of hand, but rather a delightful process that will leave you satisfied.

Here's the simple process:

1. Call our Washington DC area studio at 703-536-3600 to check if your diamond meets the qualifications. Please ensure you have all relevant information about your diamond at hand to facilitate the best possible service.

2. If you purchased your diamonds from another jeweler, rest assured we’ll inspect and evaluate them confidentially when we meet with you.

3. Receive the full value of your previous purchase, or possibly more, toward your new purchase from Washington Diamond.

Upgrade Your Diamond - It Starts With One Phone Call