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Diamond Education

Your Guide to Ethical Sourcing & Quality Selection

The Four C's

Unlock the world of diamonds with our comprehensive guide on the Four Cs – Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. This essential toolkit empowers you to confidently navigate the diamond market, ensuring you make the perfect choice for your special occasion.

Diamond Shapes

Interested in the diverse world of diamond shapes? Explore our comprehensive guide, where you'll discover the distinct characteristics and enduring elegance of different diamond shapes. From timeless rounds to elegant princess cuts, find the shape that best suits your preferences and style.

GIA Certified Diamonds

Explore the world of GIA Certified Diamonds, the pinnacle of quality and authenticity. Our 'GIA Certified Diamond Only' policy ensures customers the precision and prestige of every purchase, backed by the renowned Gemological Institute of America. Discover the brilliance of certified excellence today.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Discover the pinnacle of modern luxury with gemstones built for extraordinary brilliance and sustainability. Shop for lab grown diamonds at Washington Diamond today.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Our commitment to ethical standards ensures the beauty and integrity of your diamond choice. Discover ethically sourced diamonds, where values meet timeless luxury.

Our Diamonds

Diamond Buying Guide

Diamond Care & Cleaning