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Wedding Bands: A Complete Buying Guide

A symbol of love. The start of your story. Find the wedding band of your dreams with our simple guide.

Choosing A Wedding Band

The wedding band, a timeless emblem of unity, eternity, and enduring love, holds a cherished place in matrimonial traditions. Typically fashioned from precious metals, this unembellished ring is traditionally worn beneath the engagement ring. In contemporary times, the narrative of love has evolved, presenting couples with an array of choices that encompass intricate patterns, distinctive shapes, and exquisite gemstone embellishments for their wedding bands.

Several crucial considerations come into play when deliberating over the ideal rings for your matrimonial union:

1. Style: A reflection of personal taste, the chosen style should resonate with your individual preferences and harmonize with your overall aesthetic.
2. Metal: The selection of metal is pivotal, as it determines the ring's appearance, durability, and compatibility with daily activities.
3. Practicality: Evaluating the ring's suitability for everyday wear and potential activities ensures it remains a functional and enduring symbol of your love.
4. Price: An essential aspect of the decision-making process, setting a budget helps you find a wedding band that aligns with your financial considerations.

The journey of selecting a wedding band is a deeply meaningful one, intrinsically linked to your shared path. While there are no rigid rules, and the choices made are as exceptional as your love story, we provide practical insights to initiate your quest. Your wedding ring choice is a momentous chapter in your collective story, and we are committed to guiding you through it. Whether your heart leans towards a timeless and comfortable gold wedding band or one that sparkles with brilliance, our comprehensive guide is at your disposal to help you uncover the wedding band of your desires.

Types of Wedding Bands

We often see individuals choosing a wedding band that represents their own style. Traditional bands feature a smooth, polished finished, but precious metals can be braided, beaded, and engraved to create an array of intricate features.

Some of the most popular styles of wedding bands are:

• Traditional court bands
• Pave diamond rings
• Drill/bezel set diamond bands
• Channel-set diamond rings
• Braided, waved, or shaped bands

For those who are partnering their wedding ring below an engagement ring, consider shapes and styles that will compliment your ring and fit harmoniously with the shape of the engagement ring. At our beautiful Washington DC store, our jewelry experts can assist you in trying on wedding bands and ensuring they sit perfectly with your engagement ring.

Popular Diamond Wedding Band Styles

Metal Types

When embarking on the journey of choosing a wedding band, one pivotal decision that significantly impacts the ring's allure, robustness, and enduring charm is the selection of metal. Among the array of options available, three standout choices for wedding bands are gold, platinum, and tantalum.

Each of these metals presents distinct attributes that cater to different preferences and lifestyles. Considering factors such as color, durability, hypoallergenic properties, and overall style can aid you in making an informed decision when selecting the metal type for your wedding band.

Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is a classic and timeless choice for wedding bands. It is available in various shades, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Gold wedding bands are cherished for their elegant appearance, malleability, and ability to hold intricate designs.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is a premium metal known for its exceptional durability and naturally white luster. It is hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant, making it an ideal option for those with sensitive skin. Platinum wedding bands are revered for their understated elegance and long-lasting beauty.

Tantalum Wedding Bands

Tantalum, a metal found primarily in men's wedding bands, is gaining popularity due to its unique characteristics. It boasts a dark, gunmetal-gray hue and is renowned for its remarkable resistance to corrosion and scratches. Tantalum wedding bands offer a modern and distinctive choice for those seeking something unconventional.

The Perfect Pair

Take bliss in all your love with a matching wedding band set. Whether it be the same metal type or coinciding engravings, tie the knot with rings that complement one another.

Wedding Bands: Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing from an array of wedding band options can be quite overwhelming. Allow our jewelry experts to answer your questions towards finding the wedding bands most suitable for you:

It's advisable to start shopping for wedding bands a few months before your wedding day. This allows time for sizing adjustments, customization, and any unexpected delays.

Remember, your wedding band is a symbol of your commitment, and selecting the right one involves considering both style and practicality. Feel free to reach out to our experts for personalized guidance on finding the perfect wedding band for your special day.

Balancing practicality and aesthetics is essential when selecting your wedding band. While your choice should reflect your personal style, it's equally important to ensure that your ring aligns with your everyday activities.

Classic wedding bands feature a smooth surface and comfortable fit, making them well-suited for daily wear. For added sparkle without compromising practicality, consider channel or bezel set diamonds. These designs minimize the risk of catching or knocking the diamonds, providing both elegance and durability.

Most wedding ring styles seamlessly integrate into your routine and become a natural extension of your lifestyle. However, if you have a hands-on profession or lead an active life, prioritizing practicality becomes a crucial aspect of your decision-making process. Your wedding band should harmoniously blend comfort, style, and functionality to complement your unique way of life.

Comfort fit bands have a slightly curved interior for a more comfortable wearing experience. Traditional fit bands have a flat interior. Consider your personal preference and comfort when choosing between these two options.

To find your correct ring size, meet with one of our in-store expert jewelers to have your finger sized correctly. You can also request a ring sizer online or measure an existing ring. Keep in mind that comfort fit bands might require a slightly different size than traditional bands.

Alternative metals like tungsten, titanium, and cobalt are durable and budget-friendly options. They're scratch-resistant and come in various designs. However, resizing and engraving might be more challenging compared to traditional metals.

The cost varies based on factors like the type of metal, design complexity, and any additional features. Providing you have chosen a durable metal and a style you love, spend as much as you are comfortable with. And remember, if you opt for a modest ring, it provides the perfect opportunity to find another beautiful ring to celebrate a significant anniversary or upgrade in the future.

Our friendly team of jewelry experts are ready to help you find the perfect wedding band. Contact us us today for further advice, or make an appointment to visit our beautiful Washington DC jewelry store for a guided one-on-one wedding band shopping experience.