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Loose Diamonds

There are two popular ways to buy an engagement ring: you can buy a pre-set ring which already includes the central diamond, or you can purchase a loose diamond and have it placed in a setting of your choosing. For buying tips for both of these options, take a look at our Complete Diamond Buying Guide.

At Washington Diamond, we only stock GIA certified diamonds, for it is only a GIA certificate that can guarantee consistent and reliable grades every time. This allows our customers to browse our loose diamonds with confidence, knowing that the grades stated are accurate.
Learn more about GIA Certified Diamonds here.

Whether you are viewing diamonds in our Washington DC area store, or taking advantage of our exceptional online inventory of loose stones, you can rest assured knowing out friendly team of experts are here to help.

Loose Diamonds: Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, loose diamonds are not cheaper. Selecting a loose diamond gives you more control over the specific qualities of the diamond. You can realize significant savings using this approach, playing with the grades until you find a beautiful diamond that suits your budget. You can also decide how much of your budget you want to assign to the diamond, and how much you will spend on the setting.

Within reason. Some settings are designed to hold a specific diamond shape. Others, such as a 3-prong, will not be stable enough to hold larger diamonds (3.00ct and above). The good news is that we hold a huge collection of exquisitely designed settings for diamonds of every shape and carat weight. If the setting you like does not fit with your loose diamond, we can create a custom setting just for you.

It's easy. Search through our loose diamond inventory and find the diamond of your dreams! Our extensive filter tools allow you to quickly narrow down your choices based on shape, carat, cut, color, clarity, and price. If in doubt, get in touch and one of our team will be happy to assist.