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About Asscher-Cut Diamonds

A twinkling hall of mirrors encompassing the spirit of the roaring twenties. Asscher cut diamonds feature linear facets and a square shape. The love of Asscher diamonds was reignited in the early 2000s and their popularity has continued to rise.

Asscher diamonds share similarities with emerald-cut diamonds, but there are some distinctive differences. They feature a deep pavilion and a high crown which creates a striking brilliance. They have a distinctively vintage look and the facet pattern creates the alluring ‘hall of mirror’ effect for which it is famed.

If you are considering an asscher-cut diamond, take a look at our Complete Diamond Buying Guide for advice on how to make the best choice.

GIA Certified Asscher Cut Diamond

A GIA lab report will outline the precise qualities of your Asscher diamond. The Gemological Institute of America uses rigorous testing and analysis methods to ensure consistent and reliable grades so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

The GIA doesn’t give a cut quality grade for fancy shapes as there are a variety of proportions that can create equally beautiful results. They do give grades for polish and symmetry.

Asscher Cut Diamond: Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Here are some of our frequently asked questions from customers looking to buy an asscher cut diamond.

Asscher-cut diamonds generally represent a good price point. They are less expensive than round brilliant diamonds. They are also slightly better at concealing color and inclusions, meaning you can make a saving (unlike emerald cuts, which require high color and clarity grades).

From a distance, there are similarities between a princess and an Asscher cut diamond. However, Asscher cuts have cropped corners and an ‘X’ shaped facet pattern. The facets are much more identifiable, and you can see the distinctive lines which create the hall of mirrors effect. Princess cut diamonds are a modified brilliant, so give more sparkle.

Asscher cut diamonds look beautiful in vintage-style settings. They can also be perfectly partnered with round brilliant accent stones to bring additional light and sparkle to an engagement ring.