130 Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Personalize Your Love Story

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Alyssa Webb
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Your wedding band is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of eternal love and commitment. While the design and style of the ring hold significant importance, there's an enchanting touch that can be added to make it truly unique and personal. Engraving your wedding band with a special inscription is a timeless way to commemorate your special day and capture the essence of your relationship. From sentimental and classic phrases to quirky and whimsical expressions, the options are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect engraving that speaks to your love story.

Whether you want to mark your wedding day, celebrate your shared initials, express your adventurous spirit, or simply revel in the magic of love, there are numerous engraving ideas to consider.

In this blog, we'll delve into a treasure trove of 130 wedding band engraving ideas. From short and sweet phrases to clever and whimsical expressions, you'll find inspiration to create a truly meaningful inscription that will forever adorn your wedding band and serve as a constant reminder of the love and joy you share.

Classic Engravings:

  1. Forever Yours
  2. Love Always
  3. ‘Til Death Us Do Part
  4. Eternally Yours
  5. Love Endures
  6. True Love Waits
  7. Together in Love
  8. Love Conquers All
  9. Love Never Fails
  10. Forever and Always
  11. Soulmates Forever
  12. Love, Honor, Cherish

Keep It Short & Sweet:

  1. Love You More
  2. Only You
  3. My Beloved
  4. Yours Always
  5. Love & Joy
  6. True Love
  7. Only You
  8. Forever Mine
  9. Everlasting Love
  10. My One & Only

Romantic Sayings:

  1. Soulmates Always
  2. So This is Love
  3. My Heart's Home
  4. Mi Amor
  5. No Matter What
  6. Destined to Be
  7. You Complete Me
  8. Forever and Ever
  9. Forever Entwined
  10. Dreams Do Come True


Wedding Day Date:

  1. 5.20.2023 (date used for example)
  2. Forever 5.20
  3. K + T 5.20.23
  4. 5.20 Always
  5. Joined on 5.20
  6. 5.20 & Beyond
  7. & Our Story Begins 5.20

Couples Initial or Name Engraving:

  1. A & B Forever
  2. Bryce ♡ Hope
  3. J ♥ S
  4. ♥ Mary + Ken ♥
  5. *Nickname* ♡ *Nickname*
  6. S & D Always

For Religious Couples:

  1. Blessed
  2. Do Everything in Love (Corinthians 16:14)
  3. God Bless This Marriage
  4. In God and Thee My Joy Shall Be
  5. Where You Go I Will Go (Ruth 1:16) 
  6. Let Not Man Separate (Matthew 19:6)
  7. Thy Love is Better Than Wine (Song of Solomon 1:2)
  8. Love is Patient, Love is Kind. (1 Corinthians 13:4)
  9. God Joined Us

For Couples Who Just Love Love:

  1. Crazy in Love
  2. Love Junkies
  3. Love is Life
  4. Endless Love
  5. All About Love
  6. Loveaholics
  7. Love Infused
  8. A Love Like No Other


For Couples Who Like to Explore:

  1. Adventure Awaits
  2. My Greatest Adventure
  3. My Best Journey
  4. Wanderers Forever
  5. Roaming Souls
  6. Hearts Explored

For the Beach Bums:

  1. Tide Together
  2. Shaka Love
  3. My Perfect Swell
  4. The Sun to My Sand
  5. Sun Kissed

For the LGBTQ Couples:

  1. Love Wins
  2. #pride
  3. Forever Us
  4. Two Hearts
  5. Love Without Borders

For the Goofball Couples:

  1. Ring 1: Little Spoon / Ring 2: Big Spoon
  2. Married AF
  3. Happily Ever Laughter
  4. Deal Sealed, No Returns
  5. Pinky Swear
  6. Ditto
  7. Property Of (Spouse’s initials)
  8. The Better Half
  9. Insert Finger Here
  10. Finders Keepers


Unique Engravings:

  1. XOXO Forever
  2. Love Amplified
  3. Puzzle of Love
  4. Beyond Words
  5. Written in Stars
  6. Timeless Bond
  7. Love's Symphony
  8. Whispers of Love
  9. Love Unscripted
  10. Eternity's Embrace

Song Quotes:

  1. "That's Amore"
  2. "All You Need Is Love"
  3. "Can't Help Falling in Love"
  4. "Endless Love"
  5. "I'm Yours"
  6. "At Last"
  7. "Love Me Tender"
  8. "I Will Always Love You"
  9. Ring 1: "How Sweet It Is..."/Ring 2:"...To Be Loved By You"
  10. "My Heart Will Go On"

For the Movie Fanatics:

  1. My Precious
  2. You Jump, I Jump
  3. You Had Me at Hello
  4. To Me, You Are Perfect
  5. To Infinity and Beyond
  6. I'll Never Let Go, Jack (If his name is Jack)
  7. I Love You 3000

Couples Who Love Disney:

  1. Happily Ever After
  2. A Whole New World
  3. Mickey & Minnie
  4. Fairy Tale Love
  5. Found my Prince Charming
  6. My Wish Upon a Star
  7. Once Upon a Time
  8. Dream Come True
  9. True Love's Kiss

For Animal Lovers:

  1. Fur-ever Together
  2. Paw Prints of Love
  3. Puppy Love
  4. Wild At Heart
  5. Pawfect Pair
  6. Doggone Love


Engraving your wedding band is a beautiful way to infuse it with sentimental meaning and personal touches that reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. From Disney lovers to music enthusiasts, and hopeless romantics to those seeking unconventional expressions of love, there is an engraving idea for every couple. Whether you choose a romantic saying, a short and sweet inscription, or a whimsical quote, your engraved wedding band will forever serve as a tangible symbol of your love and commitment. As you exchange vows and slip on these precious bands, the carefully selected words will silently whisper the depth of your affection. Every glance at your engraved ring will bring a smile and a flood of cherished memories, reminding you of the love and joy that bind you together. So, take the time to explore the myriad of engraving ideas and find the one that resonates with your hearts. Let your wedding band shine as a testament to your enduring love story and a lifelong commitment to each other.

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