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About Cushion-Cut Diamond

A brilliant display of 58 facets, soft rounded edges, and a dynamic appearance. Cushion-cut diamonds combine a square appearance with incredible sparkle. They are a highly versatile shape and can have a very different appearance and light performance from stone to stone, which we will examine shortly.

Cushion cuts are extremely elegant, with a distinctly vintage feel. They are also between 15-20% cheaper than a round brilliant of the same carat weight so they are an excellent choice for those desiring a sparkly diamond on a modest budget.

GIA Certified Cushion Cut Diamonds

The GIA gives reliable and accurate grades on color, clarity, polish, and symmetry for cushion-cut diamonds. The GIA does not issue cut grades on fancy-cut diamonds, as there is no agreed standard for how these diamonds should look. There are a variety of combinations that can be equally beautiful, making it impossible to standardize the cut grades.

However, the appearance of a cushion cut can be divided into 5 categories:

• Square cushion cut (best ratio 1:00-1:03)

• Rectangle cushion cut (best ratio 1:15-1:20)

• Cushion brilliant cuts (a facet pattern similar to a round brilliant)

• Modified cushion cuts/crushed iced cushion cuts (an extra row of facets beneath the girdle creates a crushed ice/crushed glass appearance)

• Chunky brilliant cushion cuts (display defined facet patterns and are typically considered ‘antique’ looking.)

With other cuts, you can often make an assessment of how the diamond will look based on the certification. Cushion cuts are best viewed in person with the guidance of a professional. They can look dramatically different depending on the modification as well as the traditional quality factors. Fortunately, our team is always on hand to help.

Cushion Cut Diamond: Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Here are some of our frequently asked questions from customers looking to buy a cushion cut diamond.

Cushion-cut diamonds represent a fantastic price point for buyers. Cushion-cut diamonds can be up to 20% cheaper than a round brilliant of the same carat weight. Cushion-cut diamonds can also be adept at concealing inclusions.

Perhaps the greatest beauty of a cushion cut diamond is the variation in its appearance. This variation means that an 'ideal' cushion cut cannot be determined. Don’t be daunted. It means that most of the decisions will be based entirely on your own preferences. Our friendly team can show you different styles of cushion-cut diamonds, and you can let your heart decide!

For many customers, choosing a cushion cut diamond vs a round means they have a little more to play with in their budget – and this could be spent on a bigger carat weight! There are no rules, but for an engagement ring, anything between a 1.00ct – 4.00ct cushion cut diamond will truly be the star of the show.