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About Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Commanding, classy, and utterly timeless. Emerald cut diamonds usually consist of 57 mirror-like facets, an elongated rectangle shape with cropped corners. It is part of a group of diamonds known as ‘step cuts”. Step cuts echo the original, rudimental diamond-cutting techniques.

Unlike brilliant cuts which are designed to unleash sparkle, step cuts reveal an intense clarity and depth.

It is said that to appreciate the vintage essence of an emerald cut diamond, you should view it by candlelight, where the drama and light play of this cut can be truly appreciated. For a closer look at how to choose an emerald-cut diamond, take a look at our Complete Diamond Buying Guide

GIA Certified Emerald Cut Diamonds

Step cuts carry a different set of ‘rules’ to brilliant cuts, but a reliable diamond report remains essential for buyers. The GIA offers consistent and detailed lab reports on emerald-cut diamonds that can help you make the best choices during your search.

For emerald-cut diamonds, you will want to pay particular attention to the clarity grade. The deep, open facet structure of an emerald-cut diamond means it is less adept at concealing inclusions.

A high clarity grade is the best way to achieve a beautiful diamond. Your GIA report will include a diamond inclusion plot, which shows where any significant inclusions are in the diamond – a great way to establish whether they will impact the appearance of the diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamond: Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Here are some of our frequently asked questions from customers looking to buy an emerald-cut diamond.

As mentioned, a higher clarity grade is more suitable for the facet patterning of an emerald-cut diamond. A minimum of a VS2 grade is recommended. Our experienced diamond experts can help you to analyze the diamond using a jeweler's loupe and the inclusion plot graph to ensure that none of the inclusions are visible or detrimental to the beauty of the diamond.

Emerald-cut diamonds are very different from brilliant cuts. Many people prioritize sparkle above all else and thus, the round brilliant takes the crown every time. However, the understated elegance of an emerald-cut diamond has earned it a cult following and is a stunning choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

As you may have guessed from the name, this is the cut used for emerald gemstones. This cut was chosen to intensify the gorgeous green color of the emeralds. As a result, you also want to pay attention to the color grade in an emerald-cut diamond. Anything from an I grade or above would be suitable.