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Marquise Diamond

About Marquise-Cut Diamonds

Daring, different, and utterly gorgeous. The distinctive elliptical silhouette of a marquise diamond enthralls jewelry lovers who want something that sets them apart from the crowd. A marquise diamond features 58 twinkling facets and a flattering, elongated shape. It is considered a highly flattering style, giving length and elegance to the finger as well as giving a significant ‘face up’ appearance when it comes to size.

A loose, marquise-cut diamond can be the absolute star of an engagement ring. This shape can be seen with a variety of different proportions, each giving a unique shape and balance.

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GIA Certified Marquise Cut Diamonds

When it comes to marquise-cut diamonds, the ratio is everything. But the good news is, there are various ratios that all create a gorgeous-looking diamond – it is entirely personal which one you go for.

A 1:95 ratio is the sweet spot between width and length and is generally considered the most balanced marquise. A 2:15 ratio is perfect for those who want a slim, exaggerated ‘sharp’ shape. A 1:75 creates a curvier shape with a wider body, creating more presence on the finger.

A GIA certificate will outline the color, carat weight, clarity, polish, and symmetry of a marquise diamond. It will also give you the proportions of the diamond so that you can work out the ratios.

Marquise Cut Diamond: Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Here are some of our frequently asked questions from customers looking buy a marquise cut diamond.

Like other fancy shapes, marquise cut diamonds are less expensive than round brilliant diamonds. With the right ratio, they can also give an impressive face-up appearance, i.e. looking bigger than other diamonds of the same carat weight.

The beauty of a marquise is it can be worn in a North/South, East/West, or angled position and each of these rotations gives a completely different look. The main consideration is ensuring the setting protects the points of the marquise to prevent the possibility of chipping.

Marquise diamonds are a fairly underrated shape and regularly do not make the ‘top trend’ choices for engagement rings. However, for many customers, this is part of the appeal. Choosing a marquise means setting yourself apart from the more popular styles and embracing something unusual.