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About Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds are an elongated, modified brilliant shape. They are known for their extremely flattering silhouette, which can lengthen the appearance of the wearer’s fingers, and give impressive dimensions on the hands for a fairly moderate carat weight. Oval diamonds have been adored since the mid 1900s.

While their popularity ebbs and flows, they have remained a steady constant in the world of bridal jewelry since their emergence onto the market. A superb sparkle and pleasing shape make oval diamonds an excellent choice for the centre-piece of an engagement ring and other fine jewelry.

Oval cuts are also a forgiving diamond shape, however there are a few things to be aware of. For a closer look at buying loose diamonds, take a look at our Complete Diamond Buying Guide.

GIA Certified Oval Cut Diamonds

The GIA gives consistent and reliable grades for natural diamonds. For fancy shapes like the oval. They issue a grade for color, clarity, polish and symmetry, as well as outlining the diamond’s proportions. They do not issue a grade for cut quality, as the parameters for a beautifully oval cut diamond are much wider than those of a round brilliant.

However, it is important to scrutinise an oval cut diamond. A poor cut can cause ‘the bow tie’ effect in oval diamonds. This is when a dark, bow-tie shaped shadow is cast horizontally across the centre of the diamond.

A table % of 53-63 and a depth % of 58-62 is generally considered optimal for an oval diamond. Remember that our friendly team advise you on cut quality for the trickier, fancy shaped diamonds.

Oval Cut Diamond: Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Here are some of our frequently asked questions from customers looking buy an oval diamond.

No, an oval-cut diamond has a lower price per carat weight than round brilliant diamonds. They also give a bigger ‘face up’ appearance, meaning a lower carat weight can appear larger than a round brilliant diamond.

Diamond shapes do change with annual and seasonal trends; however, there is always a market for a beautifully cut oval diamond - they are timeless! Oval diamonds are prized for their flattering elongated silhouette and exceptional style.

One thing to look for in an oval diamond is ‘the bow tie’ effect. This is when a shadow, shaped like a bow tie, can cast across the diamond and detract from its overall beauty. Fortunately, our team in Washington DC can help you to view and scrutinize oval cut diamonds to ensure you choose a beauty!