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What's Your Perfect Match

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July 22, 2023 at 2:57:49 PM PDT July 22, 2023 at 2:57:49 PM PDTnd, July 22, 2023 at 2:57:49 PM PDT

It’s time to start the diamond engagement ring selection process, so how and where do you start?

Washington Diamond offers personal one-to one consultations that help you find, or design, the perfect diamond engagement ring. Our diamond experts are here to guide you through the entire process, and we base it on your desires, preferences, and needs. We help you make selections so that you purchase the right ring for the best value. (Learn about our unique engagement ring consultation process here)

One of the first choices you’ll consider is the shape of the diamond.

While we see the beauty in all of our diamonds, we understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you and your bride-to-be are enjoying this venture into the world of diamonds together, or whether you are surprising your love with the ring of her dream ring, it helps to have some insight into what shape is most attractive and most important. The shape of the diamond illustrates and even enhances the personality traits that you love about your bride-to-be, or yourself.

Let’s start with how our diamond shapes match up with your personality characteristics!

Round Cut Diamond

Tradition. Elegance. Authenticity with a hint of glamour. The round diamond is a popular diamond cut because of its simplicity as well as its striking brilliance. The 58 facets of the round diamond provide maximum sparkle with a subtle touch of glamour. This diamond offers a sense timeless elegance that is always in style.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Romantic. Feminine. Timeless with a dependable, determined spirit.

The cushion cut diamond is delicate and feminine. It’s an antique cut with a square or rectangular shape, but with softer rounded corners. Facets for this diamond show off its brilliance with a timeless, effortless sense of beauty and dependability.

Radiant Cut Diamond or Princess Cut Diamond

Bold. Independent. Passionate and charming.

The radiant and princess cut diamonds illustrate your strong, independent, and confident nature. We are discussing these two together because both of these diamonds cuts share a similar fire and vibrance. They resonate with the bride’s confidence and strength, along with her engaging sense of grace and passion. These are among the most popular shapes and are associated with a classy and clear sense of style. It’s your own vibrance we see in the brilliance similar to the round cut diamonds, but in a softened square shape that is similar to an emerald cut.

Pear Cut Diamond

Unapologetically unique, calm and comfortable, yet ready for adventure.

The pear cut diamond is one of the bolder shapes that creates a beautiful teardrop effect. Brides love this look that says comfortable and calm juxtaposed with a bold, fun and unique style.

Oval Cut Diamond

Sophisticated. Elegant with a creative, whimsical side.

The elegant oblong shape of the oval cut diamond offers brilliance with a bit of a creative style. It is flattering for long, slender fingers and matches the wearer’s classic aesthetic and eclectic flair. Can a diamond capture sophistication and your carefree side? Take a closer look at the oval.

Heart Cut Diamond

Flirty. Romantic and sweetly sentimental.

Instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, your bride can wear her heart on her hand. For the one who loves to love you, who leads with romance and passion, the heart-shaped diamond is the perfect sentimental expression of your commitment to each other. The heart shaped diamond is as sweet as it is memorable and cherished.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Trendsetter. Structured and polished with effortless swagger.

The emerald cut diamond has a polished step cut that creates a mirror effect that shows off its clarity. The cut and polish provide the structure you require with this sophisticated stone; but it generates the sense of effortless style and panache. Your desire to start trends rather than follow comes through with this simple and confident choice.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Risk-taker. Outgoing. Dramatic - in a good way.

The marquise cut diamond is for the bride who embraces the extraordinary and thrives on being the center of attention. With its elongated shape tapering to pointed ends, the marquise cut exudes confidence and boldness. This diamond cut is a risk-taker, just like the adventurous souls who dare to be different. The marquise diamond effortlessly captures attention and adds a touch of drama to the ring, making it an ideal choice for those who love to stand out and make a statement.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Art Deco. Retro. Vintage style.

If you find yourself drawn to the glamour of a bygone era, the Asscher cut diamond is your perfect match. This square-cut diamond with cropped corners brings a sense of Art Deco sophistication and vintage allure to the table. With its mesmerizing step-cut facets, the Asscher diamond harks back to the glamour of the early 20th century. Retro and timeless, this diamond cut is a nod to the past, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate vintage style and a touch of old-world charm.

Diamonds are for everyone – and for every personality.

Washington Diamond offers quality diamonds and value for every personality and style. We love to hear your story. We listen closely so we can help you select the perfect diamond jewelry or engagement ring. While we have many styles to choose from in our Washington DC area jewelry store, our diamond experts are available to show you our beautiful collection, or to design the custom piece that is your unique expression of love. And we guarantee your satisfaction.

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